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Phoenix Half Marathon Revisited

The few of you who read my last e-mail about the problems I had with my registration at the Phoenix Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon will get a kick out of this. The rest of you won’t know what I’m talking about, or you won’t read this, so it won’t mean a thing to you either way. I’m talking about the confusion with the two John Walkers being registered, me getting a race shirt that was two sizes too small, and me in the last corral since the “phantom” John Walker said he expected to finish in 4:40 or so. The debacle continues.

Today, in the mail, I received two envelopes from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon and Half Marathon. I opened the first envelope, and it congratulated me for finishing the race in 3:43:37. You’ll remember from the last e-mail, I thought I finished in 3:37ish. OK…I guess I was wrong. I opened the second envelope, and it congratulated me for finishing the race in 3:37:40. Is it my imagination, or is this getting spooky? Do you think that, in some parallel dimension, there is a “shadow me”? The only good thing I can get out of this whole mess is that I limped through the race five minutes and fifty seven seconds faster than he did, plus I got my registration fee back.

Most of you know I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago about this continual knee problem. After an examination, an x-ray, and an MRI, it was diagnosed to be a torn meniscus with some mild arthritis. I went to an orthopedic surgeon this past Wednesday, talked about several treatments, and decided to start with a cortisone injection and see how it reacts. He did the injection right then and there, and the knee feels great, but we’ll see how it is in another month or so. Jean and I will be in New Orleans for Rocky and Nina’s wedding, and I’m sure there will be much walking and standing around (rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception, etc.), so that should be a good test. The next step would be an arthroscopy. The doctor was encouraging, telling me that not very many people die from a “scope”.

Just (I Wonder If Phantom John Walker Goes By Jack Too) Jack