Monthly Archives: September 2003

Race Report 2

 Down with week three and beginning with week four. The headaches are subsiding (however they reappear when the rain comes-sinus-ugh!!). The memory seems to be coming back but there are still lots of blanks.

I have dreamed several times about the 7th of September. I see a fork in the road. I look down one path and I see me sitting in a wheelchair with a shawl around my shoulders on the veranda of a V.A. hospital with spit and pudding running off my chin. I have been running like hell down the other leg of the fork ever since.

I still can’t sleep in bed so I am in my Lazy-Boy chair, partially propped back with my feet on a cushion on a wooden TV tray with my toes pointed toward the heavens (reminds me of a pelvic exam but then again I’ve never had one). An hour later I wake up and feel like a piece of scrap paper that was wadded up and thrown in the corner. I walk around for five minutes to get the joints working again and off I go to sleep for another hour and a repeat.

Sorry I missed Jon’s surprise birthday party Friday night. I do some strange things and Jean was afraid I would dance naked with Jack Wiswell’s band Rumplestump so she made me stay home. I may have danced naked at home and, because I’ve been sick, a rumpled stump was visible.

I’m taking Endocet every six hours, Dilantin morning and evening, and Motrin every six hours. I don’t feel any difference when I take the medications so I’m thinking of going back to the old college standby, Whacky Tabacky. The problem is that I’ve checked in Joe Friel’s “Triathlete Training Bible” in the food/medicine section and can’t find directions for how much and how often.

During recovery I’ve had lots of time to think and I may have solved the Florida Locker-Room Fiasco. When I did Alcatraz, the waves and swells splashed in my face because I’m a right side breather. I spent the rest of the summer and that fall learning to breathe bi-laterally in the water. Is it possible that the guy in the locker room heard from another member of the YMCA that the guy swimming in the pool goes “both ways” and became confused??

And finally, for those of you who read my training reports from Florida last year you probably recognize that I’ve always been at least a half a bubble off true level. So when I recover completely, will I be back to where I was or back to normal where I’ve never been?

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

3/4 Goofy Jack


 Just to fill you all in on where I’m at – Last week I felt like a piece of crap. This week I feel like a half a piece of crap so I must be improving. While in the hospital I was hooked up to a machine that allowed me to inject morphine every 10 minutes. Once I found how to keep the button pressed down with duct tape, they took me off and sent me home from the hospital.

The drugs are lined up on the kitchen counter and being used at regular intervals. I’m so high on drugs all the time that I feel like I am learning to fly without flapping my wings. We’ll visit the Doctor tomorrow and he may pull me off all drugs altogether.

Thanks for visiting and keeping me in your prayers. I will let you all know how things are going as time goes on.